86: Grab Bag! Upcoming NYC Workshop, BookRx on Interviewing Tips, and the Upside of Awkwardness

If you're based in NYC or know someone who is, come to my workshop for reluctant writers on Saturday, February 24! Register at http://caveat.nyc/events and use promo code WRITENOW for $5 off. 

Introducing BookRx! Submit Your Question for the Pivot Podcast

I read anywhere from 5-10 books a month, and probably to a fault, I'm the friend that is always throwing out book recs or "cures" for issues that friends are experiencing. In this week's Grab Bag episode I pilot a brand new feature that I've had in mind for a while, called BookRx. It's a listener-submission format where I suggest non-fiction book "prescriptions" for what ails you or what you're most curious about—and riff on the benefits of awkwardness.

Have a question in need of a BookRx? Email me (Jenny@PivotMethod.com) with a short question or send me a voice memo from your phone—just let me know if you prefer to be anonymous or not :)

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Write Drunk Workshop Details: 2/24 at Caveat in LES

As Ernest Hemingway said, it's best to "write drunk, edit sober." I'm partnering with one of my besties, Monica McCarthy, whose Write Drunk format will help us loosen up, get tipsy on inspiration, and put some ideas onto paper. This is a roll up your sleeves, and get-going writing sprint for the reluctant writer in all of us. 

So with a glass of wine in hand, you'll have a chance to work on the thing you want to write but just can't seem to start. I'll be giving my tips for how I envision any writing project and structure it before letting the words flow. Whether it's a journal entry, your LinkedIn profile, an about page for your website, a wedding speech, or a sincere thank-you note, there’s something important you want, no need, to get out of your head and onto the page. And you don’t need to feel like a writer to do it.

Learn more and register to join here » (use promo code WRITENOW for $5 off!)
And if you can't join live but want to submit a question, do that here :) »

Topics We Cover

  • My upcoming The Write Drunk workshop with Monica McCarthy

  • BookRx, a new idea I'm piloting in which I give book "prescriptions" based on your needs

  • Book recommendations on the art of the interview

  • A quick riff on awkwardness

Podcast: Grab Bag: NYC Workshop, BookRx with Interviewing tips, and a Riff on Awkwardness

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