Lead a Pivot Workshop with your team

In partnership with Actionable Conversations, I have created a one-hour workshop that anyone on your team can lead in addition to, or in place of, a kickoff PIVOT keynote with your organization. You will have everything you need to facilitate at the workshop at your fingertips, with a dashboard to track group participation and follow-up.

This conversation framework is a great tool for office book clubs, leadership development, and team building exercises. The workshop can guide reflection and discussion about developing within one's role, not just bigger career pivots.

What's Included in the Facilitator Kit

  • Pre-reading for participants

  • Leader "train the trainer" video overview (5min)

  • Leader facilitator guide for a one-hour workshop (leader does not need to have read the book)

  • Tracking dashboard for participants' attendance, conversation rating, and 30-day commitment tracking

  • Activity Report that summarizes all activity at the organization and individual team level (check out a sample report thumbnails below or view the PDF here)

Optional ADD-ONS 

Optional Ongoing Pivot storylines to follow the initial session

A curated selection of three follow-up conversations to hold discussions with your team on a monthly basis to continue the learning, track behavior-change and improve team communication: 

Pricing: How it Works

  • Pricing works on a credit basis: you'd purchase one credit to run each workshop once, for one team of up to 10 people

  • Credits are $500 as a one-off, but there's a bulk discount once you buy 20+ (for example, 20 = $350/per credit).

  • You can use those credits to run any of their 50+ other Actionable conversations based on leading business books with that same group as a follow-up one month later (or at any interval of your choice)

  • Workbooks are normally $24, but when purchased with the workshop they are $20 each.

  • Get a 40%+ discount on Pivot books when purchased in bulk


Conversation Credit Pricing (1 credit = 10 people):

Quantity of Credits       Price       Discount
1 $500 N/A
2-20 $350 30%
21-50 $300 40%
51-100+ $250 50%

Commitment Engine

Included with Actionable Conversations for team workshops; or can be purchased as a stand-alone measurement tool for trainings or 1:1 coaching/mentoring sessions

Did you know . . .

  • Habits can be formed in as few as 4 days (median is 66)

  • Writing down goals makes you 42% more likely to accomplish them

  • Tracking behaviors can increase habit change success rates by 36%

  • Weekly accountability raises success rate to 70% (from 35%)

  • Being reminded of a goal “encodes” the idea into memory—which makes you 12% more likely to take action

After leading a conversation, or as a stand-alone for your existing coaching conversations or training sessions, the Commitment Engine is a robust tool that will encourages participants to rate their training experience, then stay engaged in their learning outside of the classroom or coaching conversation by committing to one new action or behavior change for 30 days. For the Pivot workshop, the three suggested commitments are around growth mindset, taking action, building relationships, or a commitment of their choosing.

The Commitment Engine will help them stay accountable by providing regular check-ins at an interval of their choosing, via text or email, with an optional accountability buddy component and manager/coach feedback.

As the program leader, you will get a beautiful report that rolls up session feedback, measurements on what people are tracking and how it's going, as well as a closure reflection at the end of 30 days. Click here to view sample Activity Report PDF, or on the thumbnails below to preview.

Sample Activity Report

Commitment Engine Pricing

Similar to conversations, workshops are billed on a credit basis. One credit supports up to 15 people. For example:

  • 800 people / 15 = 54 credits

  • Total cost: $250 x 54 = $13,500

  • Estimated cost per person: $13,500 / 800 = $16.80

Pricing breakdown (with discounts) based on number of credits (15 people = 1 credit):

Quantity of Credits       Price       Discount
1 $500 N/A
2-20 $350 30%
21-50 $300 40%
51-100+ $250 50%

Actionable Frequently Asked Questions

Can conversationS be run for larger groups?

Yes, though we do find that groups of 12 or fewer facilitate more intimate conversation. if you prefer a larger group, we'd just combine multiple credits in terms of pricing.

Does the credit provide access to the Commitment Engine for only 30 days?

They can still log-in after that, but the system will ask them to close their current commitment after 30 days (with the review questions) and set a new one. If they want to set a new commitment, that will use a new credit (more accurately, 1/15th of a credit)


If 1 credit provides access for 15 people, can all 15 of those people be Mentees or is the idea that our group of Mentees & Mentors would be capped at 15?

15 mentees could set-up commitments (i.e. after a coaching session) and add their mentors (and optionally their managers) as their accountability buddy for no extra cost. In that scenario, the mentees would be tracking their goal and the mentors would be able to cheer them in and see progress. Alternatively, you could have 7 mentees set a goal, and 7 mentors set a goal (or 10 mentees, 5 mentors, etc).

I'd recommend having mentors set a goal as part of their coach training so that they can track one coaching habit (i.e. asking powerful questions) and learn the system. Then once they start having mentoring sessions, it will be pretty fluid to sign-up mentees, and you could pay as you go/as needed for batches of 15 at a time. 


Is there an administrative role for me as the Program Manager to see the status of multiple commitments across pairs? 

Yes, absolutely - check out the Sample Activity Report - you can run that report at any time to see all activity across the organization. You'll also get a weekly report via email that shares the latest statistics.