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Jenny Blake — Author of The Pivot Method (Portfolio/Penguin, 2016)

Hi, I'm Jenny!

Normally I would write in the third-person to tell you about how ahhh-mazing I am, and why super fancy people hire me for uber-awesome undertakings. But you know what?

Work schmerk. Let’s start with the fun stuff, shall we?

I’m a Gen Y (1983) Silicon Valley bred career and business strategist living in the Big Apple; a world traveler not to be mistaken with a backpacker (as I most certainly cannot be relied upon to pack lightly); a yoga lover and gadget fanatic. For astrology geeks: I’m a Libra sun, Scorpio moon, Virgo rising (hence the bookshelf color-coding and template obsession).

An eternal bookworm and quote junkie, I am always on the lookout for just the right book “prescription” for whatever might be standing in your way (or mine). When I’m not buried in a book, magazine, newspaper, Moleskine notebook or gadget, you will find me walking through the streets of Manhattan with a rockin’ soundtrack playing, imagining I’m the lead in a movie called “New York City, Starring Jenny Blake.” I know . . . it’s ridiculous.

I love staying active—yoga, pilates, walking and dancing keep me grounded, strong, happy and sane—but not without an ulterior motive: to work off at least one delicious multi-course meal I delight in on weekends.

Finally, I am a shamelessly gooey romantic—I love asking people how they met their significant other (I met my husband walking down the street in opposite directions!), then watching their smile widen and their eyes sparkle as they tell their story. It is priceless…and contagious. Try this sometime. 

I have known Jenny for many years, since back in her Google days when she was rocking the corporate coaching arena and writing her blog as a side hustle. Watching the amazing growth in her business makes me so happy, but I am not surprised. Jenny blends the very best of absolute integrity, unbridled joy, intelligence and heart in everything she does.”
— Pamela Slim, Business Coach and Author, Escape from Cubicle Nation

What brings me alive in business?

I am an international speaker, career and business strategist and executive coach with expertise on systems, efficiency and career fluidity in the rapidly-evolving knowledge economy. Formerly a Career Development Program Manager at Google (and author of the book Pivot, and before that, Life After College) I help leaders, employees and entrepreneurs achieve greater clarity, engagement, fulfillment and impact.

I am fiercely committed to helping people come alive through the pursuit of big ideas. My superpowers are helping to craft a compelling vision, collaboratively developing strategy and systems with clear measurable outcomes, and incorporating the latest tools and technology during the process of execution and feedback. All of this is delivered with a positive, encouraging outlook mixed with ninja-level organization and structure, and a healthy kick-in-the-butt accountability when needed.

I am also passionate about healthy living and eating, and love exploring systems at the intersection of mind, body and business.

My career thusfar includes:

  • A lifelong love of writing

  • Over a decade of web development

  • Two years at a start-up company

  • 5+ years at Google doing training, coaching and career development. During my time there I taught coaching best practices to Google executives all over the world as part of a global Career Guru program I helped create, later praised by CNNMoney in Google’s #2 Company to Work For acknowledgment.

  • A bestselling book Life After College (based on my blog of the same name)

  • Running my own location-independent small business since 2011 (you’re lookin’ at it!)

  • International keynotes and workshops at top companies and universities such as Google, Microsoft, CHANEL, Stanford, Yale, Parsons, MIT, UCLA, TEDxCMU, Intuit, KPMG, Pimco and Best Buy.

Jenny is one of those awe-inducing women who not only manages to inspire you with her accomplishments (like her business! and her book! and her hot yoga bod!), but also makes you believe you can do it too. She’s whip smart, full of authentic warmth and an incredibly talented teacher, mentor and coach. I’m grateful she’s in my life.
— Molly Mahar, Founder of Stratejoy

Professional Background

Coaching Background / Certifications:

Yoga Teaching Certifications:

  • I completed yoga teacher training in October 2010 through the White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara, and completed my certification in February 2012.

  • I completed Thai Yoga Massage training at The Sunshine School in Chiang Mai, Thailand in May 2012

For The Personality Test Enthusiasts:

  • My StrengthsFinder strengths are Relator, Strategic, Learner, Achiever, Activator

  • I’m a Myers Briggs ENFJ, a True Colors blue/orange, and an enneagram 3 – Achiever

  • I’m a Libra (laid-back, fair and balanced) with Virgo rising (structure, systems and service) and a Scorpio moon (intense, loves research, more than meets the eye)

  • I’m the year of the pig, and my numerology “life path” is a 4 – a doer who thrives on structure, organization and getting things done.

  • My love language for giving is acts of service: I thrive when helping others. Because of this, my challenge is making sure I maintain my own center—a balancing act that I learn from daily.

  • My love language for receiving just so happens to be written affirmation, which means you should feel free to drop me a line any time

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Jenny makes jump starting your life seem not only easy but the only logical thing. Yes she is a great coach but it has to do more with who she is. Meeting her is enough to want more from your life, but working with Jenny literally puts you into action by default. It is not very often we meet people who have this amazing breathtaking energy about them. They just look at you and you feel stronger, better and freer to live the life you deserve. Jenny is one of those people.”
— Christina Rasmussen, Founder of Second Firsts