The Penney & Jenny Show

The Penney and Jenny Show is a series of conversations with one of my dear friends and mentors (friendtors!), Penney Peirce. We had so much fun during our first interview together that we added a second . . . which became a third . . . and so on, until it was a regular feature on the Pivot Podcast!  

Penney Peirce is a gifted intuitive empath and visionary, and one of the pioneers in the intuition development movement. She is the author of The Intuitive WayFrequencyLeap of PerceptionDream Dictionary for DummiesThe Present Moment, and her latest: Transparency: Seeing Through to Our Expanded Human Capacity

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Intuition And Frequency With Penney Peirce

Intuition is an innate gift, one available to all of us, and a skill—a muscle that you can build with practice and attention. I am thrilled to bring you this interview with intuition expert Penney Peirce, whose books have had an enormous impact on my life. Reading The Intuitive Way kicked off two years of coincidence tracking, intuition studying, and surrendering to serendipity—and completely transformed the way I go about my day-to-day life. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did!


  • Intuition as a tool for accessing information through “direct knowing”

  • How to develop your intuition and learn to trust it

  • The difference between gut instinct and intuition

  • Question and answer come at the same moment

  • Intuitive writing and journaling; many creative projects get done with intuitive help

  • Moving from the Information Age into the Intuition Age; how to embrace transformation

  • Navigating change in relationships

  • The creation cycle: going from inspiration and vision in your right brain, to transferring it to the left brain for planning, to the physical work and manifestation

  • Placing attention rather than intention

  • How to avoid being an energy sponge, and shift back into your home frequency when you get off-balance

  • The importance of dream journals—even if you don’t remember your dreams

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Dreams: A Guide to 24-Hour Consciousness with Penney Pierce

Dreams. Although we often laugh them away today (if we remember them at all), many ancient and tribal cultures treated the dream world as absolutely real and worthy of our respect, an extension of the waking world. As Penney Peirce writes in Be the Dreamer, Not the Dream: A Guide to 24-Hour Consciousness (previously published as Dreams for Dummies), “Everything we do in the dream world is real; it’s just happening at other dimensions of our awareness.”

So what’s going on in that noggin’ of yours in the (hopefully) 8 hours of the day that you’re not on your feet? In this show we talk about the fascinating and ever-elusive subject of dreams: how to better remember and even program dreams, how to interpret them, and much more.


  • The soul becomes conscious in the dimension of our dreams

  • Dreams are where we process what happened during the day; re-access parts of ourselves

  • Debunking the scientific notion that we are completely unconscious idea at night

  • Rather, “the soul is rejuvenating the personality” in the dream realm

  • Moving into our right-brain at night

  • The phases of sleep and when we are most likely to dream (hint: during REM)

  • How to better remember your dreams

  • Rituals: evening review and morning reflection (i.e. don’t reach for your phone the second you wake up!)

  • How to program dreams before you go to sleep

  • Dreams as data around our own process of growth and evolution, where we access our spiritual self

  • Why dreams sometimes tend toward stressful

  • Lucid dreaming: waking up within the dream to manipulate the dream at will

  • Becoming a soul-directed person during the day (not just in dreams)

  • What do you do when the flow of life doesn’t feel very fun? Dealing will lulls

  • How to interpret dream symbols with intuition

  • Is it possible to communicate with others in our dream state?

  • The role that meditation and mindfulness plays in dream recall and interpretation

  • Interpreting daydreams

  • The 5 reflection questions I ask myself in my evening ritual

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Perception: Navigating Our Non-Linear Universe with Penney Peirce

I have had such a blast talking with Penney Peirce about her Transformation Trilogy on intuition, frequency, and now perception. Talk about a dream come true! This Pivot Podcast is our third in the series, and we dive deep into the nature of our holographic universe, the shift toward right-brain perception, why attention is the new intention (forget the law of attraction), how to find flow in projects, and how to navigate the void after major life or work phases are complete. 


  • “Worrying is praying for something you don’t want.”

  • How to use your right-brain for greater perception

  • We are involved in a big acceleration process on the planet (Schumann Resonance)

  • Shifting from linear perception into the Intuition Age, which is spherical and holographic

  • Non-physical realm precipitates the physical realm; your inner blueprint is the pattern you hold, and your reality will manifest that pattern

  • We are all the center of the universe: we are one huge collective consciousness, and we all have our individual center points.

  • Every cell of our bodies contains memory, intelligence, the wisdom of the whole.

  • Superconsciousness; logging on to the collective wisdom internet

  • Thoughts create reality, emotion accelerates it

  • How to stop thinking about what you want and become more lighthearted and right-brained about it

  • Attention versus intention: why the former is much more effective

  • It is not the law of attraction: when you enter this new consciousness, everything is inside the sphere with you—nothing is separated from you

  • Attention is the powerful force for this new consciousness; it is through attention on a new idea that it materializes. Boredom or lack of attention and it dissolves.

  • Intuition is the perception of transformation. It is the way we are going to work: direct knowing, direct experience, empathy, feeling into everything and knowing it all at once.

  • Willpower means you are still thinking about the future and it is separate from you

  • The flowing cycle of creation: Be, Do, Have—Spirit, Mind, Body—Inspiration to Choice, Action to Materialization, Dissolution to Resourcing

  • Old systems are breaking down because they aren’t reinventing themselves

  • Dealing with the void that so many of us struggle with

  • “The future isn’t out there. Just listen.”

  • The soul knows what it’s doing and we can trust that. That fuels our trust for timing, the flow, other people, everything.

  • How these subjects influence Penney’s book writing process

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What Does Your Soul Know? Flow and Transparency with Penney Peirce

What does it mean to make enlightenment normal? How do you remove the filters that dim your soul's wisdom? How can you feel into what wants to happen and find greater flow in life and work? What does it mean to be so authentic and transparent that we live as truth with nothing to hide? Penney and I dive into these questions and many more on this week's show as we discuss her new book, Transparency: Seeing Through to Our Expanded Human Capacity, which I was incredibly honored to write the foreword for.

Topics We Cover

  • We're all in the flow, the collective consciousness

  • How the book topic found her; clues from earlier books in her body of work

  • How Penney defines transparency and why it serves us now more than ever

  • Dense, thick, clouded, opaque state versus clear diamond light, wisdom, intuition

  • Integrated compassion; compassion becomes the evolutionary force

  • Vulnerability: developing the ability to see through and be seen

  • Left-brain, linear thinking versus shifting into right-brain, holistic, all-inclusive perception

  • "Anytime you are talking negatively to yourself, you're in your left brain."

  • "Certain knowledge can't be known until we're on the same wavelength with it."

  • The Great Ironies — how to embrace paradox

  • Navigating your "personal brand" while being fluid, undefined

  • Humility and authenticity, living as a statement of truth as to who you are in each moment

  • We are all telepathic, we feel each other's energy fields very clearly now

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Soul Groups: Transparency in Relationships with Penney Peirce

We're back at it, folks! There was so much juicy material from Penney Peirce's new book, Transparency: Seeing Through to Our Expanded Human Capacity, that we decided to dive in even deeper in a follow-up episode of the Pivot Podcast (if you haven't already, check out first part, Transparency Part 1: What does your soul know?)

In this conversation, we talk about transparency as it relates to relationships: how does it help us connect with soul groups and soul mates? What happens when we're trying too hard or putting on a show just to gain approval? Why, if we're all part of a collective soul group, does it seem like there's so much chaos and violence in the world? What's it like to connect with a business or book community from a transparent/soul perspective rather than marketing shoulds? I absolutely loved hearing Penney's insights on all of the above, and I know you will too :) 

Topics We Cover

  • Transparency as it relates to relationships: how does it help us connect with soul groups and soul mates?

  • What happens when we're trying too hard or putting on a show to gain approval

  • How to show up in a trusting transparent way even when others are more opaque or afriad

  • What our current political climate illustrates about the stages of transformation

  • How Penney is thinking about her work and launching her book from a transparent, soul perspective

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Penney Interviews Jenny—We Are Souls: On Past Lives, Alignment Practices, Conscious Creation and Non-Icky Marketing and Manifestation

We're back! Penney Peirce and I continue our ongoing series based on her vast spiritual oeuvre—this time with the microphone tables turned. She's interviewing me as we dive deeper into past lives, alignment practices, saying no to "sexy shoulds," clearing one's personal field to contribute to collective energy healing, marketing and manifesting in an authentic way, and so much more. Be sure to check out Penney's new book, Transparency: Seeing Through to Our Expanded Human Capacity, for which I was delighted and deeply honored to write the foreword :) 

topics We Cover

  • Childhood interests and how they translate to today; do we have a philosophy we bring into this life, that we don’t get from others?

  • Working through the “cloud of insecurity” that I grew up with (despite super supportive parents) (10:00)

  • Propensity to take my problems personally; books as the vehicle to transform and heal

  • Philosophy of sharing, teaching (12:00)

  • Main motive to connect intimately with people (13:00)

  • Past lives and how they inform a world view, my initial rejection of exploring this subject and why non-spiritual life wasn’t working for me (13:30)

  • Penney: imagination IS the real world (17:00)

  • How a past life meditation I did informs healing in this life

  • Maintaining alignment, oscillating between more spiritual and more practical modes (25:00)

  • How do you feel your intuitive guidance? (29:30)

  • When do you know to take action vs. wait? On “sexy shoulds” (32:30)

  • Noticing childlike enthusiasm and trying to extend it to work (38:00)

  • How I decide who to have on the show, how the podcast is evolving, why I cringe at the word “peak performers” now (39:00)

  • How the non-physical realm influences the physical realm (41:30)

  • Content consumption: What are we feeding ourselves? (43:00)

  • How will the world evolve over the next five years? (44:30)

  • Trust that if you’re going through something, other people are too (47:00)

  • How Buddhism influences my day-to-day aims to heal myself first, be kind, remove fear and judgement, do the best I can to help others - how this relates to transparency, Penney’s notion of "being a clear space in the field" (48:30)

  • Clearing the field - after you clear yourself, others will and can do the same

  • How not to be a sponge for others’ energy if you’re an empath (52:00)

  • What is the collective group learning right now? (58:00)

  • Working on massive projects - by two biggest pieces of advice (1:00)

  • Conscious creation process, blending of left and right brain, non-icky marketing (1:04)

  • Being yourself is a journey (1:15:00)

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