109: Personal Pivot Update—My Big News and the Decision-Making Process Behind It

I'm sharing some big personal pivot news in this week's solo episode . . . I am starting a two year Masters program at Union Theological Seminary this fall! It's a partner school to Columbia here in New York City, and if it seems to come out of the blue for you, don't worry—it did for me too! I got the idea, applied and accepted in a matter of weeks earlier this Spring. It seems fitting to share now, given that my 7-year solopreneurship anniversary was just yesterday — I'm looking forward to seeing where these next two years take me :)

This week I take you behind-the-scenes into my own pivot process around how I arrived at this decision—unpacking tools like intuition, following hits of curiosity, weighing pros and cons, taking just the one next step, and accepting remaining unknowns. As I shared in Episode 100, I have no idea where this will end up, but I'm putting myself in the path of pivot—immersing myself in a new environment and seeing where it takes me :) 

Want to follow this back-to-school journey even more closely? I encourage you to join us in Momentum, where I'll be sharing more details along the way in my twice monthly Q&A calls, and possibly even creating a spinoff book club from my reading lists from class :) 

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Topics I Cover

  • Following curiosity rabbit holes

  • Taking the one next step before making a major decision; no need to decide before it’s time

  • Connecting with friendtors like Dorie, Dev, Kamara; looking toward mentors-from-afar (Krista Tippett's On Being podcast, Oprah's Super Soul Conversations)

  • The “what would I be proud to share?” test

  • Intuition, putting yourself in the environment to get a body reading

  • Risk/reward - is it worth pursuing, even with remaining unknowns? 

  • Developing expertise based on strengths and interests (spirituality, reading) 

  • Overlap between my personal interests and area for development, greater expertise

Personal Pivot Update: My Big News and the Decision-Making Process Behind It

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