64: Only the Truth Sounds Like the Truth — with Former Starbucks President Howard Behar

“Our daily challenges excite us and make us feel engaged with our goals and purpose. They test us. They teach us. Along with the worry, they bring passion into our lives.”

Howard Behar, Author of The Magic Cup, Former Starbucks President

My guest this week is a pivot pro who navigates life and work with heart and soul. Howard Behar is a renowned business leader, author, speaker, and mentor. Part of the leadership triumvirate that built the Starbucks brand, Behar is the ultimate “servant leader” who is known for his work ethic, values based leadership, mentorship, and such memorable lessons as “The Person Who Sweeps the Floor Should Choose the Broom” and “Only the Truth Sounds Like the Truth.”

For 21 years Behar led Starbuck’s domestic business as President of North America, and he became the founding President of Starbucks International opening the very first store outside of North America in Japan. During his tenure, he participated in the growth of the company from only 28 stores to over 15,000 stores spanning five continents. He then served on the Starbucks Board of Directors for twelve years before retiring. Howard is the author of It’s Not About the Coffee: Lessons on Leadership from a Life at Starbucks (Portfolio, 2008), and his latest, The Magic Cup (Center Street, 2016).


Topics We Cover

  • Walking into Starbucks HQ when he was interviewing and feeling it had soul

  • Why "only the truth sounds like the truth"

  • Acting on strong core values is the key to personal fulfillment

  • The 6 P's of how to do everything

  • Trust is just as powerful as love

  • The inherent edge of vulnerability

  • The 3 C's of the human condition

  • How to manage a challenge before it becomes a crisis

Podcast: Howard Behar

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