120: Mantras in Motion with Erin Stutland

What’s the difference between affirmations that feel fake and those that actually work? How can you move your body in a way that also transforms your mind? What falls under the category of spiritual bypassing versus actual transformation? Join me for a conversation with one of my favorite New York friends, Erin Stutland, as we discuss her new book: Mantras in Motion: Manifesting What You Want through Mindful Movement.

Happy happy new year everyone! I’m thrilled to be jumpstarting the podcast again with this episode :)

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More About Erin Stutland


Erin Stutland is a renowned author and mind-body wellness expert. She is the host and life-style coach of Z Living’s cable series, Altar’d. Nominated for a Real Screen award alongside Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, the show is currently in its second season. Stutland’s book, Mantras in Motion: Manifesting What You Want through Mindful Movement, (Hay House) explores her proprietary approach to creating meaningful change by harnessing all the body’s mental, physical, and spiritual energy through a series of stories, journaling exercises, meditations, and movement. Stutland is the creator of several mind-body fitness programs including her signature Shrink Session workout and Soul Strolls and has appeared on The Rachael Ray Show, People.com, Fox News, Glamour Magazine and more. She currently lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband Lance and daughter, Kwynn.

Topics We Cover

  • How Erin managed it all when she found out she was pregnant and got a book deal in the same week, as well as re-upping a second season of her TV show

  • Mantras in Motion: taking concepts like confidence, self-esteem, positive self-talk, compassion, and inspired action

  • Erin’s method of using these intellectual concepts that we know and love—getting them into our body while speaking affirmations out loud while we move 

  • How movement in your body creates movement in your life

  • It doesn’t matter your fitness level - stand and do five minutes of movement and mantra, and you will really feel a significant shift 

  • Shift your perspective into a place where you feel empowered 

  • How Erin was tested personally and professionally, and how these practices helped her return to a state of love and peace more quickly

  • The expectations on women to love their bodies at all different phases of life

  • Pivoting from acting to the fitness world, and making a commitment to joy and creativity

  • Erin’s North star question: Is this going to bring you joy? Keep doing things as long as it’s fun.

  • How most art forms are about getting to know yourself 

  • Appreciating a beautiful career, beautiful craft in itself. The business of acting is very hard, and the challenge is waiting on others

  • Realizing how much she enjoyed being able to be in control of how and when she created something and how she expressed myself

  • Erin’s guest appearance on Sex and the City 

  • Affirmations or not? When do things tip into spiritual bypassing? 

  • Being with your feelings, whatever they are 

  • The importance of doing the deeper work of looking at what’s underneath things, and unpacking subconscious beliefs

  • There is something to be said for “faking it until you make it” when it comes to affirmations

  • Hurtful feelings get stored in the body, and we live that thought

  • When you start to move, you’re sending oxygen to your muscles and whispering a new idea in there

  • Where do you fall on the manifesting spectrum, of asking for specific things versus surrendering it all? 

  • When you can get specific, life can do magic - puts sparkle and magic into life

  • Get in tune with the feelings you want to have. It’s not about the thing, the relationship, the body—it’s about how it’s going to make you feel when you have it.

  • Assignment: go for a soul stroll. Make sure you’re not checking your phone, and make the opportunity for you to connect with you. Stroll ten minutes away from your home, and ten minutes back. Set an intention for yourself before you go. It can be simple, and can help heal an area of your life or solve a business problem. If you want a little support, Erin has a free Soul Stroll playlist. 

Mantras in Motion with Erin Stutland

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