111: Ten Thousand Buddhas and Unlocking Creativity with Artist Amanda Giacomini

One of the best parts of having this podcast is who I am fortunate to cross paths with, and the ongoing surprise of who reaches out to me. Some of you may remember when I was falling out of my chair (or rather, the closet that doubles as podcasting studio) to interview one of my favorite musicians, Trevor Hall. Well, one of the best side outcomes was getting to know his team better, Tim and Isabelle at N3W LEVEL Management. We met in-person for the first time earlier this summer, and the hours flew by! Instant kindred spirits and friends for life :)

So I was every bit as excited when they mentioned another one of their artists' ambitious projects: Amanda Giacomini's mission to paint 10,000 Buddhas around the world. Amanda has been teaching yoga for over 25 years, and she’s been an artist for almost the same amount of time. Ten Thousand Buddhas is her worldwide, highly sought after art project—including large scale murals and fine art paintings—that she completed last year after five years of steadily working toward her goal. In this conversation we dive into what she learned, how it inspired her to break out of her typical shell (and artist studio), and naturopathic practices that keep her sane while touring with her husband MC Yogi. 

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More About Amanda Giacomini


Amanda has been teaching yoga for over 25 years, and she’s been an artist for almost the same amount of time. Ten Thousand Buddhas is her worldwide, highly sought after art project, including large scale murals and fine art paintings. Amanda set out to paint 10,000 Buddhas (and completed last year) after being inspired by a visit to the Ajanta caves in India, and has been featured on National Geographic Channel, New York Magazine, Yoga Journal and many more publications.

She is developing a program for YogaGlo, and she’s leading classes and retreats on how to use yoga and meditation as a tool to unlock your unique creativity. Isabelle met her husband, MC YOGI, author of Spiritual Graffiti: Finding My True Path, at Yoga Teacher Training and they’ve been collaborating ever since.

Topics We Cover

  • Just getting back from a retreat she led in Sri Lanka with her husband, MC YOGI

  • The impact of yoga on her life during a health and life crisis at 19

  • Visited caves in India while studying under Pattabi Jois—saw 1,000 Buddhas painted on a wall

  • When she got the idea to create her 10,000 Buddhas project

  • First time doing art felt spiritual, soothing, peaceful - not wrestling with self-doubt, tumult

  • Transitioning from paintings to murals, painting in public as a street artist

  • Why she signs her paintings with her Instagram handle, not her nam

  • How she met her husband MC YOGI 18 years ago, what their collaboration is like

  • Working with him as a VJ - his visual artist, painting on stage while he plays

  • Juggling a physical business—the yoga studio—with touring

  • Starting a project takes time - we tend to give up too quickly, not giving things enough time to succeed

  • Creativity is the root of our vitality; not something we should put aside until all our administrative duties are complete

  • Shakti, the divine feminine energy of creation

  • Close your eyes for five minutes and listen, observe

  • Ayurveda as the sister practice to yoga, creating restoration

10,000 Buddhas and Unlocking Creativity with Artist Amanda Giacomini

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