130: Listener Q&A—Why I Can’t Stand the Question “Can I Pick Your Brain” And What to Offer Instead

This week kicks off a new Listener Q&A feature of the podcast, but before we dive in: I would love to hear from you! Yes, you. As a listener, you might think as a listener I’m getting lots of submissions already, but that’s not the case—things like this always take some momentum to get going.

So drop me a voice note at http://pivotmethod.com/ask and share a challenge you’re facing or something you’re curious about, and I'll share my thoughts along with a BookRx: a book prescription of two or three books that have been helpful for me in that area.

Topics Covered:

  • [03:34] Why I love 30-30s as a replacement for asking, "Can I pick your brain?" The latter phrase creates internal resistance. It feels like value is trying to be extracted from your brain. 

  • [06:56] 30-30s are calls set up for the mutual benefit of both people. This format approaches with quality in mind. 

  • [10:15] Mentors are helpful, but friendtor relationships can be even more beneficial as a long-term strategy sometimes.

  • [12:53] It's also helpful to set up a visioning call. Spend 30 minutes dreaming. 

  • [14:48] Design the time for what works for you. Set a personal intention and bring the best energy that you can. 

Have a question related to this episode? Ask us here, by leaving a quick voice note. We look forward to rolling all of your questions together and creating a listener Q&A show soon :) Read the full transcript here.

Listener Q&A—Why I Can’t Stand the Question “Can I Pick Your Brain” And What to Offer Instead

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