Lead a #PivotMastermind Group

As I share in Pivot: The Only Move That Matters is Your Next One, in addition to casual friendtor relationships, I have also found great value in more formalized peer mastermind groups. For many years now, I have set recurring weekly or biweekly calls with one or two friends who are doing similar work or who share similar goals. These mastermind groups provide consistent accountability, encouragement, and brainstorm buddies.

Sign up to be a #PIVOTmastermind leader to get:

  • An exclusive toolkit with pointers (and templates) for kicking things off, structuring calls, and tracking goals along the way

  • A suggested 12-week roadmap for guiding your mastermind group through a three-month Pivot Plan (which you can repeat every quarter as desired)

  • You will also receive an orientation training mp3 with best practices on how to kick things off with your group

I’m really appreciative of your generosity and especially the ample tools and resources you offer to your community. It’s really made starting this Mastermind seamless and feel so rooted in purpose and the right amount of structure.”
— Gloria Eid, #PivotMastermind Leader