A 5-Day Course on Presence, Powerful Questions, and Practical Systems and Tips for Bootstrapping Your Podcast

In a seemingly saturated podcast market, how do you make a new show stand out?

With so many shows out there, is it even worth it? There seems to be so much work to produce just one episode—where to even begin? What if you don't have a big budget or technical expertise, who and when are the best resources to help? 

Though my work supporting side-hustlers, solopreneurs, and other creatives for over ten years, these questions are increasingly common for the exploding and incredibly powerful podcasting medium—and easier to solve than you might think. 

I just wanted to say thank you! I have listened to Pivot since it came out and followed you for years before that. I really appreciate your openness in bringing guests from a variety of religious or spiritual beliefs on the show. I truly believe that we can learn from EVERYONE, especially from those with slightly different perspectives. I know that it took a lot of courage to share an episode like this so thank you!!!
— Betsy, Pivot Podcast Listener

I started the Pivot Podcast on a whim, never expecting to fall in love with this format as much as I did. The benefits are priceless, even if you never crack the top 100. I have made friends for life, connected with my author heroes, and opened my mind in a thousand new directions thanks to hosting a show.

And now, three years after a slow, scrappy ramp-up in production quality, learning the art of interviewing, and a few recording hiatuses in-between, I’ve finally settled into an approach that I love—one that emphasizes heart and soul, not metrics and marketing. And I'm honored to share that the show was named by CNBC among 6 podcasts to make you smarter about your career, selected by Entrepreneur as one of the top 20 female-hosted business podcasts and Inc as one of 9 New, Different Podcasts for Small Business Owners.

My recent episode, 10 Lessons Learned in 100 Episodes and 3+ Years of Podcasting, inspired me to start cooking up my next course: and it’s not about perfection, state-of-the-art studios, or even nailing the perfect guest list. It’s about connecting and creating in a way that supports your personal goals and approach, with heart, soul, and personal style. And as always, all my best tools and templates to give you the best possible head-start on systems and set-up!

My motto? Let it be easy, let it be fun. 

In this course, I'll show you how when it comes to building your show :)  

The (He)art of Podcasting: Video Lessons + Bonus Templates

Podcasting can be one of the most rewarding projects you ever tackle (it certainly has been for me)—and it doesn't require overnight audio engineering mastery, state-of-the-art studios, or even nailing the perfect guest list.

Below is a breakdown of what I cover in a 60-90 minute pre-recorded lesson each day (you can also tackle these at your own pace, such as over the course of five weeks, if that timing works better, as you'll have lifetime access to all the materials): 

  • Day 1: Podcast Landscape + Bootstrapping Basics

  • Day 2: Set-up and Systems: Interview Preparation and Post-Production

  • Day 3: Guest Selection, Powerful Questions and Presence

  • Day 4: Monetization Options—Earning revenue from your show through your own products, sponsorship and Patreon + special guest!

  • Day 5: Q&A

You'll also get templates for each day of the course, including:

  • A super-detailed podcast set-up checklist, including the equipment and apps I use

  • Over 100 sample interview questions

  • A copy of the interview prep template I use to conduct interviews

  • A template (and shortcut) for the show notes process

  • Standard ad rates and sponsorship agreement template and checklist

  • Primer on setting up a Patreon page

  • Bottom line: shortcuts to everything I've developed as it relates to running a show for almost four years now and over 100 episodes!

I took the Heart of Podcasting course, and it was everything I needed to launch. Jenny is warm and positive as she goes through the steps one needs to bootstrap a show from website creation, music selection, recording, hosting, interviewing, planning, organizing, etc. She provides a ton of resources, virtually eliminating any time you would need to research and test each service or app.

There are a lot of podcast creation programs crowding the market, but Jenny’s focus on the heart of the craft cuts out the overwhelm and gently reassures one that it’s best to launch and revise along the way as necessary. It’s an investment in time and money that I recommend wholeheartedly.
— Christy, (He)art of Podcasting Student
Jenny’s authenticity and honesty really gave me the sense that this was actually something I can do, and should do. Everything also went in a very methodical “checklist” order which I appreciate. I am a list maker and a list follower so this was exactly my speed.
— Tracey, (He)art of Podcasting Student

Or get the course for free when you join Momentum for $125/quarter (every three months), which includes twice monthly Q&A calls with me (plus 3+ years of archived calls), every course and template I have ever created including Delegation Ninja and Book Ninja ($1,000+ value), and access to a private Facebook community of other generous side-hustlers and solopreneurs. 

The resources that Jenny provides and system-management tools are worth the cost of this course alone. I went from an idea to getting real information on paper. Jenny is truly one of the best at designing helpful tools in terms of getting your thoughts organized and plotting out next, practical steps.
— Denise, (He)art of Podcasting Student
As you achieve your 100th Pivot Podcast, please know how much your positivity is valued, as well as an inspiration to see you practicing the pursuit of the pivot philosophy, and your very true motto of developing better skills to making effective change and adapting to the constant of change.”
— Anna G

More About Jenny & the Pivot Podcast

The Pivot Podcast began in 2015 by uploading low-fidelity conference call audio files to SoundCloud, recorded with iPhone headphones and no editing, shy about the fact that I didn’t have any fancy music or show sponsors, but willing to suppress my urge for perfection and instead hit publish on this curious, scrappy little pilot project to see where it would take me.

Slowly, I started teaching myself Garage Band, downloaded some music files from a site called Pond5, stumbled my way into the minimum viable skill level to make that fancy-seeming intro and outro music with voiceover, and figured out how to get the show into iTunes. The last piece of the puzzle: I started reaching out to my dream mentors-from-afar, authors whom I had long-admired yet never quite had the courage to connect with. 

Despite my trepidation, and much to my my surprise and delight, when I asked them to be guests on the show many said YES!! From WIRED co-founder Kevin Kelly, to a favorite writer and now friend James Altucher, to former Starbucks President Howard Shultz, to master of intuition and perception Penney Peirce, it has been a great joy to hit record on these conversations with my heroes so that I can share their expertise with all of you. 

I am immensely grateful for everything I have learned and all the support I have received through growing the Pivot Podcast. 

If you’re ready to try a new way to connect with your audience, or upgrade your current systems and approach, I encourage you to join (He)art of Podcasting!