You're a young professional out in the world, and you've been going through the motions, thinking you're doing everything you "should"…but something still feels off. I've spent over a decade helping achievement-minded individuals harness their strengths, interests, values and personalities to create next steps that aren't about checking the boxes (you're already way too good at that...) but rather about being their fullest selves. Let's get started!

Fun Fact: I’m allergic to chocolate! 

More about REBECCA

Rebecca Fraser-Thill spent her twenties directionless and unfulfilled, full of "potential" (a word she hates) but unsure how to direct her power in a way that felt aligned with what she wanted most out of life. After a lot of thinking, a ton of action (including quitting a fully-paid Ivy League doctoral program - yikes!), and a solid dollop of training, Rebecca became passionate about helping people like her pause, reflect, and then charge forward on a path that’s rich, meaningful, and deeply engaging - and that actually pays the bills! She specializes in the mid-20s and early 30s - or the period she likes to call the "This is what I spent all those years in school for? You've got to be kidding me!" stage. In addition, as a mom of two she’s well acquainted with the identity changes that parenting creates and loves supporting moms and dads as they shift their work lives to match their changing home lives.

On top of her independent work as a career coach and freelance writer, Rebecca has been an adjunct faculty member in the psychology department at Bates College since 2003. She is also the Director of the Purposeful Work initiative on campus, where she is in charge of designing and overseeing programming that helps students launch careers, make meaning, and build tangible skills.

Rebecca's writing about meaningful work has been published widely, including on The Huffington Post, HuffPostLive,, and the Stacking Benjamins podcast. She holds a master’s in developmental psychology from Cornell University and is a PIVOT Method trained coach. Rebecca lives in her dream state of Maine with her high school sweetheart husband, two kids under six, and old but trusty beagle - and she is rather alarmed that her life appears so much more conventional than she actually is!